ICFA Panel on Sustainable Accelerators and Colliders


Chair: Thomas Roser, BNL, USA



Assess and promote developments on energy efficient and sustainable accelerator concepts, technologies, and strategies for operation, and assess and promote the use of accelerators for the development of Carbon-neutral energy sources. The panel will formulate recommendations on R&D and support ICFA with networking across the laboratories and communications. The membership will ensure a broad regional participation and coverage of accelerator technologies and concepts, relevant in the context of energy consumption and production.

Panel Membership


Mike Seidel PSI Switzerland mike.seidel@psi.ch
Jerome Schwindling CEA/IRFU France jerome.schwindling@cea.fr
Ruggero Ricci LNF Italy ruggero.ricci@lnf.infn.it
Peter McIntosh STFC UK peter.mcintosh@stfc.ac.uk
Roberto Losito CERN Switzerland Roberto.losito@cern.ch
Maxim Titov CEA / LDG Working Group France Rmaxim.titov@cea.fr


Takayuki Saeki KEK Japan takayuki.saeki@kek.jp
Yuhui Li IHEP China liyuhui@ihep.ac.cn
Hiroki Okuno Riken Japan okuno@riken.jp
Jui0Che Huang NSRRC Taiwan huang.juiche@nsrrc.org.tw
Eugene Levichev BINP Russia e.b.levichev@inp.nsk.su


John Byrd ANL USA jbyrd@anl.gov
Soren Prestemon LBNL USA soprestemon@lbl.gov
Thomas Roser BNL USA roser@bnl.gov
Andrew Hutton JLAB USA andrew@jlab.org
Robert Laxdal TRIUMF Canada lax@triumf.ca
Mary Convery FNAL USA convery@fnal.gov
Emilio Nanni SLAC USA nanni@slac.stanford.edu