ICFA Panel on the Data Lifecycle


Chair: Kati Lassila-Perini (Helsinki Institute of Physics)
Simone Campana (CERN)
Gang Chen (IHEP)
Cristinel Diaconu (CPPM Marseille)
Caterina Doglioni (Manchester University)
Peter Elmer (Princeton)
Heather Grey (UC Berkeley)
Takanori Hara (Tokyo University of Science)
Harvey Newman (Caltech)
Mihoko Nojiri (KEK)
Stefan Roiser (CERN)
Liz Sexton-Kennedy (FNAL)
Seema Sharma (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research PUNE)
Graeme Stewart (CERN)
Gustavo Valdiviesso (UNIFAL)
Christoph Wissing (DESY)


The mission of the panel is to enhance global coordination on all aspects of the data lifecycle including acquisition, processing, distribution, storage, access, analysis, simulation, preservation, management, software, workflows, computing and networking in particle physics, with a focus on open science and FAIR practices.
In order to achieve this, the panel will

  • address all aspects of the data lifecycle, encompassing the efforts and expertise from previous panels, and relating to and building on activities of other relevant bodies and committees;
  • encourage global cooperation on the above topics in particle physics and with neighbouring fields;
  • discuss strategic questions and recommend to the community future directions;
  • encourage engagement with and profit from industry expertise in data management solutions, in artificial intelligence, and in systems competence;
  • develop ideas and strategies for the workforce development and for professional recognition mechanisms within the topical areas of the panel.


The mandate of the panel comprises the following items:

  • Address the data lifecycle within a structured and integrated systems approach in HEP.
  • Improve the awareness for the importance of the data lifecycle in HEP.
  • Encourage and foster connections to other fields of science, to industry and to open science initiatives in order to profit from their expertise and competence in the following fields: big and distributed data management, data management systems, artificial intelligence, open science processes, data preservation systems.
  • Help in organising practical support and act as point of contact for practical issues in the field of data, software, workflows and computing.
  • Improve recognition of the nature and value of work on the data lifecycle in researchers’ CVs and support their career development.

The full mandate of the panel can be found here.

Events and news

There is an INDICO category at CERN for events and meetings of the panel.