International High Energy Physics Computing Coordination Committee


IHEPCCC’s primary mission is to act as a forum between the main persons in charge of HEP computing, by gathering and distributing information about all relevant issues in HEP computing, and especially those with a global nature.  Typical examples are information exchanges about new technology trends, computing centers’ strategic policies, security issues, recommendation of standard practices, presentation of R&D results, comparison of various equipment performances.

Other missions include:

  • Issuing statements and recommendations concerning computing in the HEP community.
  • Serving as an interface to other scientific domains on matters of computing.
  • Working in close connection with the ICFA SCIC, the physics regional organizations, and the HICB coordinating the grid projects in HEP.
  • Reporting to ICFA.

IHEPCCC Membership



North America

D. Bhawalkar (Indore) M. Delfina (Barcelona) P. Avery (Gainesville)
H. Chen (IHEP/Beijing) M. Kasemann (DESY) B. Gibbard (BNL)
D. Son (Daegu) M. Mazzucato (Padova) R. Mount (SLAC)
G. Taylor (Melbourne) W. von Rueden (CERN) R. Sobie (Victoria)
Y. Watase (KEK) M. Turala (Krakow) V. White (Fermilab)
P. Watkins (Birmingham) F. Wuerthwein (San Diego)
G. Wormser (Orsay) — Chair
Other Countries
A. Hoummadda (Casablanca)
V. Ilyin (Moscow)
A. Santoro (Rio de Janeiro)