ILC PAC Final Mandate

ILC Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Mandate


  1. The International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) is responsible for the oversight of the Global Design Effort (GDE) activities and of the ILC experimental program.
  2. PAC will assist ILCSC in this function and report to the ILCSC.
  3. PAC will review the GDE accelerator activities and, in addition, the ILC detector activities.
  4. In its review activity, PAC will examine the overall consistency and realism of the project, in relation to physics, technical design, cost, and schedule.
  5. PAC shall comprise about nine members, appointed by the ILCSC for terms of two or three years, and will meet a few times per year until the completion of the Technical Design Phases I and II.
  6. The PAC Chair will be appointed by the ILCSC, normally for a two-year term.



ILCSC, 11 February 2008



1 June 2011


PAC Membership


Jonathan Bagger (ILCSC Chair; ex-officio)
Jia-er Chen (Beijing)

Lyn Evans (CERN)