International Cost Review Report

6 April 2007

An International Cost Review has been set up by the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) and the Funding Agencies for Large Colliders (FALC). It will meet 23-25 May 2007 at LAL/Orsay.


Charge for the Review of the Preliminary Cost Estimate of the ILC Global Design Effort Reference Design Report

The ILC Global Design Effort (GDE), under the direction of Prof. Barry Barish, was established by ICFA in May 2005.  The GDE is purposefully constituted as a tri-regional design team whose goal is to produce by 2009 an Engineering Design Report (EDR) which will contain a detailed, engineering-based design and cost for the ILC.

The initial step towards the EDR is to establish a Reference Design Report (RDR) which will define a self-consistent set of ILC design parameters and associated implementation scope.  The RDR will also contain an initial estimate of cost at the 20% level which will be mostly parametric in nature.  This initial cost estimate will be at sufficient detail to permit a) trend analysis for cost reduction/optimization and b) give guidance for the R&D and industrialization that must accompany the engineering design process of the EDR.

Consistent with the suggestion of the GDE Director, an international team should be convened prior to completion of the RDR to review those aspects of the RDR cost estimate that strongly influence the EDR.  Given the intermediate nature of the RDR estimate as discussed above, it would seem premature to review in detail every aspect of an ILC cost estimate.  Rather this review team should:

  • review cost trends and relative costs of sub-systems.  Comment on their relevance to potential changes to be incorporated into the EDR, and to the R&D program in support of the EDR.
  • review the methodology used in the estimate to ensure that it is appropriate for establishing an accurate EDR cost assessment.  Evaluate that the method and format of estimation can serve the needs of regional authorities as they develop plans for potential involvement as partners in the ILC.


  •  Sergio Bertolucci (Frascati)
  • Jia-er Chen (PekingUniversity)
  • Mark de Jong (Canadian Light Source)
  • Lyn Evans (CERN)  (Chair)
  • Norbert Holtkamp (ITER)
  • S. S. Kapoor (BARC)
  • G. S. Lee (National Fusion Research Center, Korea)
  • Vera Luth (SLAC)
  • Norihiko Ozaki (Institute for Techno-Economics, Japan)
  • Lucio Rossi (CERN)
  • Ed Temple (Fermilab)
  • Dieter Trines (DESY)
  • Toshihide Tsunematsu  (JAEA, Japan)


  •  Shin-ichi Kurokawa (KEK—Chair ILCSC)
  •  Ferdinand Willeke (DESY—Chair MAC)


  •  Roy Rubinstein (Fermilab)

14 June 2007