54th ICFA Meeting


Moscow, 30 July 2006

1.         Introduction

            A meeting of ICFA was held on 30 July 2006 in Moscow, during the 2006 International Conference on High Energy Physics.

2.         ILCSC Mandate

            The original mandate for the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) was written in 2002, and there have been many changes in ILC activities since then; for example, the Global Design Effort (GDE) was not in existence in 2002.  A revised mandate for ILCSC was approved by ICFA, and is available on the ILCSC website.

3.         FALC

            Particle physics funding agencies from several countries have formed an informal group, Funding Agencies for Large Colliders (FALC, previously known as Funding Agencies for the Linear Collider), to discuss international linear collider issues.  FALC has a subgroup, FALC Resources Group (FALC-RG), which meets more frequently, and considers, for example, how to provide, from the funding agencies of various countries, common funds for GDE activities.  In order to increase coordination, the FALC Chair is invited to ICFA meetings, and the ICFA and ILCSC Chairs are invited to FALC meetings; the ILCSC Chair and FALC-RG Chair are invited to each other’s meetings.

            FALC has recently decided to extend its scope beyond just the ILC to include other major particle physics activities such as the LHC upgrade, CLIC, and the worldwide neutrino program.  ICFA has offered to help FALC in this wider role by providing scientific input as requested.

4.         Neutrino Studies

            An International Scoping Study (ISS) for future international neutrino activities has recently made a preliminary report, which recommends a need for a more extensive International Design Study.  ICFA is currently studying what should be its involvement in the neutrino study field.