55th ICFA Meeting

Summary of the 55th Meeting of ICFA and the Meeting of ILCSC

Beijing, 8/9 February 2007

1.         Introduction

            The schedule of meetings held at IHEP, Beijing, was:  8 February morning, Joint ICFA and ILCSC; 8 February afternoon, ILCSC; 9 February, ICFA.  There were no restrictions on which of the meetings members attended, and so one combined summary has been prepared for both committees.  The reason for the joint meeting was preparation for the press release of the ILC Reference Design Report (RDR), which was held on 8 February.

            As has become customary at the extended February ICFA meetings, directors of major world particle physics labs were invited to these meetings.

2.         GDE Activities

            Barry Barish gave a detailed report on the RDR and its value costing methodology.  He noted that the detectors were not included in the cost.  His report was preparatory to the public release of the RDR later on 8 February.

            ICFA and ILCSC thanked Barry for leading the effort to reach this important milestone.

3.         Press Conference

            Following agreement on the press release to accompany the publication of the RDR, a press conference was held at which the RDR and the cost were described and formally handed to ICFA and ILCSC by Barish.

4.         Machine Advisory Committee (MAC)

            Ferdinand Willeke, the MAC Chair, reported on the 10-12 January 2007 MAC meeting.  Overall, MAC found that GDE had worked very hard, and had converted an originally performance driven design into one that was cost conscious without scope reduction.  MAC agreed that the RDR cost estimate procedure is quite adequate.  There was a GDE response to this MAC report.

5.         International Cost Review

            ILCSC and the Funding Agencies for Large Colliders (FALC) have agreed that there should be an International Cost Review of the RDR, which ILCSC will organize.  The current status is that this review will be held on 23-25 May 2007 at LAL/Orsay; members of the Review have been selected.

6.         Worldwide Study

            Francois Richard reported on progress towards producing the Detector Conceptual Report.  Given the need for an Engineering Design Report (EDR) for 2 detectors in 2010-2011, there should be a selection of 2 detectors by the end of 2008.  ILCSC supported the concept of an International Detector Advisory Group to unify efforts towards 2 detectors on this timescale, and requested that WWS produce by June 2007 a plan to lead to this.

7.         From RDR to EDR

            There was a GDE proposal for how to get from the current ILC design status to an EDR; there is general agreement that FALC is not ready to become the unique GDE oversight body, and ILCSC will continue to be involved for some time into the future.  GDE’s proposal will be discussed again at the next ILCSC meeting.

8.         Reports

            ICFA heard reports from InterAction, FALC, ICFA Panels, and from the regions and labs represented at the meeting.