56th ICFA Meeting


Daegu, Korea

15 August 2007

1.         ILCSC Chair

            The next Chair of the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) will be Enzo Iarocci.

            He will take over from Shin-ichi Kurokawa at the 25 October 2007 ILCSC meeting.

2.         ICFA Involvement in the Neutrino Field

            A request was considered from the neutrino community for more ICFA involvement in this field; ICFA then made a statement on the topic.

3.         Open Access Publishing for Particle Physics

            There is considerable interest in the particle physics community in Open Access Publishing.  The intent is to keep the peer review process, and also make particle physics publications free to everyone.  ICFA issued a statement supporting this new publishing model for the field; it is hoped to extend the model worldwide.