57th ICFA Meeting



11/12 February 2008


             As at its previous February meetings, directors of all major particle physics laboratories were invited to this ICFA meeting, in order to allow a broader discussion of activities of the field.

1.         Linear Collider

There was discussion of the recent UK and US ILC funding reductions.  GDE activities will be reduced in scope and the timescale will be extended; detector activities will be similarly affected, and will adjust to remain in synchronism with those of the GDE.

            ICFA issued a Statement about the recent ILC funding reductions.

2.         ICFA Seminar

An ICFA Seminar on “Future Perspectives in Particle Physics” will be held at SLAC on 28-31 October 2008.

3.         ICFA heard reports from its Panels and InterAction, and from representatives of all of the labs and regions present at the meeting.