61st ICFA Meeting



19 August 2009

1.      Introduction

ICFA met in Hamburg on 19 August 2009, during the 2009 Lepton-Photon Symposium.


2.      Linear Collider.

Enzo Iarocci, ILCSC Chair, summarized the ILCSC meeting which had taken place earlier that day.  ILC accelerator and detectors are on track for a proposal available to governments in 2012.  Accelerator collaboration between ILC and CLIC is increasing significantly.  GDE is studying the governance of existing large science projects, and will produce recommendations on ILC governance in 2010.  Evaluation of the three detector LOIs has been carried out by the International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG); IDAG recommended validation of two of the LOIs.


3.      International Committee for Ultra Intense Lasers (ICUIL)

Planning continues on collaboration between ICFA and ICUIL on activities related to the laser acceleration of particles.


4.      Particle Physics Data Preservation

An International Study Group has been examining the case for, and possible mechanisms to carry out, preservation of data from particle physics experiments, and a presentation by the group was made to the ICFA meeting.  ICFA endorsed this activity, with Cristinel Diaconu as its initial Chair.