62nd ICFA Meeting



25/26 February 2010

1.      Introduction

The 62nd meeting of ICFA was held at BNL on 25/26 February 2010. The directors of the world’s major particle physics laboratories were also invited, in order to allow a more wide-ranging discussion of particle physics’ current status and future prospects.

2.      Particle Physics Situation—Now and the Remainder of the Decade

There is concern on how to position the field for the remainder of the decade; many things have changed in the recent past, including the LHC schedule and discussions on other projects such as neutrino facilities and B-factories. All major future facilities are counting on international collaboration, and there is a need to look at the whole picture of global projects. There are at present 3 existing regional roadmaps for the field, but not a global one. ICFA is a well-suited body to produce a global roadmap, which should be physics-driven and based on the existing regional ones. It was agreed that ICFA will produce a global roadmap.

3.      Revising the ICFA Guidelines

A discussion was initiated on whether the ICFA Guidelines (originally adopted in 1980) should be revised. The major possible point of issue is Guideline #6, which says that experimental groups should not be required to contribute to accelerator or experimental area running costs. Projects are becoming larger and more expensive, so costs to the accelerator host country are increasing. The general feeling was to not change the existing model at this time; discussion will continue at the next ICFA meeting.

4.      ILC

A report was given on the ILCSC meeting held earlier on 25 February. GDE and the detectors are on track for design reports in 2012. Discussion has started on post-2012 activities. There is a growing connection between ILC and CLIC activities. Many lab directors were present for a discussion on the coordination of the priorities of GDE and the labs so that GDE activities at the labs can progress.

5.       Funding for Particle Physics Schools and Workshops

Lab directors receive many requests for financial support of particle physics schools, workshops, etc., and the question has arisen as to whether ICFA can provide any assistance in this. Initially, a list of such activities supported by labs will be collected and posted on the ICFA website.

6.      Other Reports

Reports were presented on activities of ICFA’s Panels, InterAction, and of each country and lab represented at the meeting.