67th ICFA Meeting

ICFA Meeting

Oxford, UK
2/3 February 2012

  1. ILCSC Report

Jon Bagger reported on the ILCSC meeting which had been held on 2 February 2012 just prior to the ICFA meeting. There had been a wide-ranging discussion in the ILCSC meeting on future ILC activities following completion of the accelerator and detector design documents in late 2012 and their review.  Although the discussion is still ongoing, with completion expected at the July 2012 ILCSC and ICFA meetings, the following is the current thinking:

  • A Linear Collider Board (LCB) will be formed under ICFA to promote the construction of an electron-positron linear collider and its detectors as a world-wide collaborative project; it will replace the existing ILCSC. The timing and content of a linear collider proposal will be shaped by LHC and other relevant physics data
  • A Linear Collider Director, reporting to the LCB, will lead the global effort towards construction of a linear collider
  • Under the Linear Collider Director will be three organizations:
    1. One to continue the GDE work on a superconducting RF linear collider
    2. One to continue the CLIC work on a room-temperature two-beam linear collider
    3. One to design and coordinate R&D on detectors for a linear collider

Draft mandates for the different parts of this proposed organization are currently under discussion.

  1. Neutrino Facilities

Several years ago the topic of future facilities for neutrino physics was brought to ICFA, and ICFA declined to become involved until there was a consensus in the community on which such facilities were needed. A report to this meeting by Ken Long described the significant progress of the field since then, and how the large fluxes of electron neutrinos from a neutrino factory could substantially advance this increasingly important area of particle physics. An interim neutrino factory report was produced in 2011 by an international design study, and the cost of such a facility will be completed early in 2013. ICFA is currently considering what it can do to further these efforts.

  1. Reports to ICFA

Reports were presented to the ICFA meeting on the October 2011 FALC meeting; the DOE Intensity Frontier Workshop held in November/December 2011; joint ICFA/ICUIL (International Committee on Ultra Intense Lasers) studies on laser acceleration of particles; InterAction; the activities of ICFA Panels; and recent particle physics activities in each lab and region represented at the meeting.