68th ICFA Meeting

ICFA Meeting

Melbourne, Australia
8 July 2012

  1. ILCSC Report

Jon Bagger reported on the ILCSC meeting which had been held just prior to the ICFA meeting. He said that

  • GDE and RD are on track to produce their TDR and DBD reports by the end of 2012; these reports will include costs
  • There will be a technical review of the ILC accelerator and detector designs by an augmented Project Advisory Committee (PAC) in December 2012
  • There will be an international review of the ILC accelerator costs in January 2013
  • The Linear Collider Board Mandate was approved
  • The ILCSC will cease to exist when the LCB comes into existence, expected to occur in February 2013

It was agreed that a nominating committee chaired by Pier Oddone will make recommendations on LCB membership.

  1. Neutrino Facilities

Ken Long reported on neutrino activities, including the effect of the recent ~ 9 sigma measurement of theta13 by Daya Bay and RENO.
ICFA decided that an ICFA Panel on neutrino facilities should be created, limited to an accelerator-based program, but which would look also at related non-accelerator based neutrino activities. A charge for the new Panel will be produced.

  1. Next ICFA Seminar

The next ICFA Seminar will be held at IHEP/Beijing in mid-October 2014.

  1. Reports to ICFA

Reports were presented to the ICFA meeting on the April 2012 FALC meeting, and on the activities of some of the ICFA Panels.