74th ICFA Meeting

ICFA Meeting

Newport News, USA

26/27 February 2015


  1. Discussion on ICFA and Accelerator Science

A new IUPAP Commission (or Working Group) on Accelerator Science has been proposed. Since ICFA is an existing IUPAP Working Group involved in accelerator-related issues, it was asked for comments on the proposal. ICFA’s views are summarized in the following:

  • ICFA represents the major labs worldwide that carry out research at the energy frontier
  • ICFA has well-established Panels very relevant to many aspects, including generic, of accelerator R&D
  • ICFA would welcome a new IUPAP working group which covers a broader area of accelerators than ICFA itself does; the new group should have links to ICFA and duplication should be avoided
  • ICFA Panels can be a bridge to the new group.
  1. ILC Progress in Japan

A report on the ILC status in Japan gave the committee structure set up by MEXT to provide input. Information that will be needed soon will be an evaluation of the human resources available globally for the ILC, taking into account other planned projects worldwide; ICFA could help to collect this information from potential partners. MEXT has hired the private company Nomura to collect information from around the world on current trends in accelerator technology and the spin-offs of accelerator technology. The MEXT deputy minister has visited several countries to discuss the ILC, and the Federation of Diet Members continues to contact counterparts in other countries.

  1. ICFA Seminar

The next ICFA Seminar will be in Vancouver in 2017.

  1. Linear Collider School

The next Linear Collider School will be held in Whistler, BC, Canada, on 26 October to 6 November 2015; student fees will cover about half of the total cost of ~ US$130K, with the remainder provided by TRIUMF and other institutions.

  1. Proposed ICFA Panel on Sustainable Accelerators and Colliders

The goal of the proposed Panel is to improve the power efficiency of every accelerator component; to have energy recovery from the accelerator; to re-use the recovered energy; and to have a stand-alone system to provide all or part of the accelerator power needs. One person in each region was asked by ICFA to look at existing initiatives in this area, and if appropriate to produce a possible mandate and goal for an ICFA Panel.

  1. Reports

Reports were made to the ICFA meeting by InterAction, FALC, the ICFA-ICUIL collaboration, ICFA Panels, and by the labs and regions represented at the meeting.