75th ICFA Meeting

19 August 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. LCB Mandate
  2. The current mandate of the Linear Collider Board (LCB), which incorporates the Linear Collider Collaboration (LCC), has a three year term which will end in February 2016. ICFA extended the mandate of LCB and LCC to the end of 2016, so that the membership and mandate of both entities can be reviewed during 2016.

  3. Proposed IUPAP Working Group on Accelerator Science
  4. IUPAP is forming an interim working group to recommend a mandate and membership for the proposed IUPAP Working Group on Accelerator Science. Several organizations have been asked to suggest members of the interim group, including ICFA.

  5. ICFA Panels
  6. Discussion has started on the appropriateness of each of ICFA’s Panels and their mandates.

  7. Proposed ICFA Panel on Sustainable Accelerator/Collider Infrastructure
  8. The designs of future colliders and accelerators have large power consumption and thus large operating costs. An ICFA Panel has been proposed which could systematize and develop figures of merit, and also evaluate promising R&D activities which could lead to lower power consumption. An ICFA subgroup was encouraged to suggest a mandate and membership for such a Panel.

  9. Reports

Reports were made to the ICFA meeting by FALC, and on studies of the very large circular colliders currently under study in China and Europe.