ICFA Neutrino Panel | Members | Dominique Duchesneau

Dominique Duchesneau is a CNRS Senior Researcher working at the LAPP-IN2P3 Particle Physics Laboratory in Annecy, France. He earned his PhD in 1993 at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, on the L3 experiment at CERN where he studied strong interactions in high energy e+e- collisions. His subsequent work at LEP provided original tests of QCD ranging from the running of the strong coupling constant to gluon-coherence effects in W-boson pair production. In 2000, he switched his interests to the field of neutrino physics. He started with initial studies of the Monolith atmospheric-neutrino project before becoming a member of the OPERA collaboration. He participated actively in the design, the construction and commissioning of the experiment at Gran Sasso and contributed to analysis-tool developments and tau-neutrino interaction studies.

He is presently leading the LAPP Neutrino Group that is involved in oscillation physics projects on accelerators, in sterile-neutrino and double-beta-decay experiments. Since 2011 he has been Director of the CNRS Research Network (GDR2918) on Neutrino Physics in France. This structure gathers the French neutrino community (theorists and experimentalists) from IN2P3 and CEA, providing an environment for the exchange of ideas, promoting the activities of the younger members and discussing prospective developments of the field. His current research activities include participation in the OPERA experiment and in the LAGUNA-LBNO design study. For the future his interest is the development of the next-generation accelerator-based neutrino projects to complete the understanding of the neutrino-oscillation physics.