Linear Collider Board


The Linear Collider Board (LCB), as a sub-panel of ICFA, first formed in 2012, will promote the construction of an electron-positron linear collider and its detectors as a world-wide collaborative project.  It will encourage and survey advanced R&D, engineering design and project execution plans carried out around the globe and relevant for a linear collider.  It will encourage the strong support of the community for a linear collider and promote the project with government officials and general public.

The LCB will be responsible for the science, technology, outreach and organization in pursuit of the linear collider project.  The LCB will have a three-year term starting January 1st, 2017, with the updated mandate.  The term is renewable and the mandate is subject to review and update when the term is renewed.

Membership (April 2017)

CHAIR: Tatsuya Nakada

Secretary: Pushpa Bhat


Jonathan Bagger

The Fermilab Director (currently Nigel Lockyer)

(David MacFarlane)

Lia Merminga

Hugh Montgomery

Andy White


Jie Gao

Rohini Godbole

Sachio Komamiya

Masanori Yamauchi

Yifang Wang

Eunil Won


The CERN Director- General (currently Fabiola Gianotti)

The DESY Director of Particle Physics (currently Joachim Mnich)

Francois Le Diberder

The JINR Director (currently Victor Matveev)

Lenny Rivkin


LCB Short Conclusion on ILC at 250 GeV, November 2017

LCB Mandate (Updated October 2016)

LCB Mandate (2012-16)