ICFA Neutrino Panel


Roadmap for the international, accelerator-based neutrino programme (April 23, 2017)


To promote international cooperation in the development of the accelerator-based neutrino-oscillation program and to promote international collaboration in the development of a neutrino factory as a future intense source of neutrinos for particle physics experiments.



Mailing List

A mailing list has been set up to facilitate contact between the Panel and the international neutrino community and to allow discussion and information sharing within the community. Individuals may sign up to the list by visiting the list on the JiscMail site here.

Post to the list: icfa-neutrino-community@jiscmail.ac.uk


2013 community consultation:
In line with its mandate, the Panel is organising three “Town Meetings”, one in each region to collect input from the community and to receive reports from the regional planning activities.

The Americas: The community meeting will take place at FNAL from the 30th January 2014 to the 1st February 2014. The meeting page can be found here.

Asia: The community consultation meeting will be held in conjunction with the NNN13 workshop on the 13 th November 2013 at the Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan. The community consultation meeting page can be found here.

Europe: The community meeting will take place at the University of Paris Diderot, starting on the 8th January 2014 and ending on the 10th January 2014. (More info)